Thursday, 15 September 2011

Having a Black Eye

It's an interesting fact of human nature that if you are sporting a black eye, people believe firmly that your husband/boyfriend has hit you.  I've got one at the moment - the first in my life actually - which resulted from an unprecedented impulse to be thorough with my housework and clean on my hands and knees up the corners, instead of my usual, hasty flick-through with a mop.  This unwise action caused me to bang my eyebrow painfully on the corner of the telephone table and made me resolve to resort back to my usual housekeeping habits in future. I applied ice straight away and close inspection didn't reveal anything other than a bump.  When I rushed out to the shops the next day however, I hadn't noticed the blue/black bruise that had developed and became aware of sympathetic looks from shoppers. Today I've put concealer on and lots of make-up, so it's alright. I also have a hand-sized bruise on my upper leg, where I fell off a rock last week and couldn't save myself as I had my camera in one hand and was protecting my new watch with my other. This only hurt a bit at the time and seemed to be just a scratch so I was amazed at the huge black bruise that resulted. I seem to bruise more easily as I age but I remember that when I had rare bumps in the past, my young daughter was always worried that her daddy had hit me. I only found out later that her best friend's father was assaulting her mother. So I surmise that when one sees a bruise on someone's face, one jumps to conclusions based on the age/sex/general appearance of the person and your own  experience.  (Can anyone tell me how to get my pics into the text? They won't go at the cursor position - all go to the top!)


  1. I had eyelid surgery last summer and got two black eyes. We had a wedding to attend and I bought oversized sunglasses. When I'd go to meetings and get stared at, I was quick to explain. Everyone seemed relieved.

  2. Yep - they would be relieved all right!

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