Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Facebook - A Blessing for Oldies

Whatever the dangers of the Internet for the very young, I shall be forever grateful to Facebook for enabling really old friends to look each other up and connect again.  I'm talking 36 years here.  I lived in Israel for two years, 1973 - 1975  (incidentally, through the Yom Kippur war), and some Israeli girls became very dear to me.  I corresponded for a while with one or two but inevitably lost touch over the years. Yesterday, I was reunited with the dearest of those and we spoke over Skype (thank you Skype!).  Her beloved voice is just the same but we didn't have our cameras on. Today we are about to have a long and satisfying chinwag, having given ourselves time to get dressed and put our make-up on!  I hope she recognises me and that I don't look too old! Our Facebook photos don't really do us justice, do they?  We have so much in common and so many memories....  I just hope it doesn't plunge us into unwise nostalgia for our lost youth.  I think sometimes, that is exactly why we want to look up old friends.  Fate plays a hand - she still works full-time, but today is a holiday in Israel, Rosh Hashana, so maybe this connection was meant to be for a reason.


  1. That's wonderful!

    I had a little bit less successful reconnection with an old friend on Facebook. I discovered a girl who had been our neighbor when I was a kid. She is five years older than I and back then she was the motherly type that all the littler kids loved. I hadn't seen her in over 20 years and was excited when she popped up. I sent her a friend request and right away she started sending me messages. After just a few exchanges she started saying how I had always been her favorite and she had always dreamed that when we were older we would get "together". Fortunately she stopped short of suggesting we actually hook up but I could tell she wanted to. I started making a point of mentioning my wife and how happy we are every time I replied back to her! It took her some time but I think she got the hint and backed off. I don't hear much from her any more!

    The funny thing is, she was dating my older brother for a while back then. I asked her about that and she said she had gone out with him just because I was still too young! :)

    Crazy stuff!

    I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time reconnecting with your friend though! :)

  2. Hello Book Nut! That story is amazing. And yes - our hour-long chat this morning was fantastic! Even more strange - today was the 15th anniversary of her husband's death (shame he was still a young man and I had known him well). We are going to be in touch again soon - on Yom Kippur! Still some gaps in the jigsaw of our lives to fill in....
    NB - You must have been quite flattered though!

  3. I have reconnected with old, lost friends on Facebook. They're always positive, though I haven't met up with any of them face to face. I like the connection. Years ago, during a move, I lost my address book. Facebook has brought many of them back into my life.

  4. Facebook has been nice for me too...I have re-connected with old friends, that I would not have been able to, because of Facebook

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