Monday, 22 August 2011

Spelling Joke

There are always a lot of complaints from second language learners that English has the most difficult grammar and spelling. I can't argue: I am just grateful to be born British and to have had a good education. Even so I have had to admit that spelling is in a state of flux and rightly so, otherwise we would be stuck with Mediaeval English and that wouldn't do. And then there is my Spell Check which assures me that alternative American spellings are just as good. Perhaps we can still agree on the following and thus share a joke: the playwright Alan Bennett - this is he - (remember The HIstory Boys?) was heard this week in a recording of a programme from the 1960s, trying to send a telegram over the phone.
"..... And I want it to end with the word NORWICH",  he told the operator.  When she questioned the spelling he explained it was a code word for his wife, each letter standing for the words: "Nickers On Ready When I Come Home."
A pause: then his voice -  "Yes, I know knickers begins with a K!"   (Giggle)

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