Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Off to the UK

Thought you might like to see my 'practice drum kit', (steel tray on floor to hit with heel tip  = Bass drum. Not sure why pic is blurred)  Had my second lesson now  - awesome!  Got to go to the UK tomorrow to look after my dad (94), while my brother and his wife take a well-earned holiday with their two sons.  So I'll be offline for a bit - have to see if my brother leaves me a usable computer set-up while they are away.  Spoke to dad today on the phone - he is remarkable for his age - his brain is 100% - so tragic for a practical man that he is bent over and almost completely deaf and blind and now restricted to sitting in a chair all day.  I'll perhaps re-publish some blogs while I am away - about him when he was still mobile and all the odd things he used to get up to.  There is still a forlorn row of sticks in the garden, which used faithfully to hold up the runner beans he planted from seed each year for my mother to pick. Now there are just weeds. I don't know what keeps him going (she died two years ago), but I suspect there is still one goalpost achievable for him - a telegram from the Queen when he reaches 100!

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