Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Learning to play the Drums

Mindful of the theory that to short-circuit Altzheimer's, you need to learn NEW skills as you age,  I asked for Drumming lessons for my 61st birthday  (sorry, my blog name stays the same).  I have had a secret yen to let it all hang out all my life and suddenly, a modern music school materialised just up the road from my house.  I had my first lesson yesterday - in a sound-proof room with a teacher young enough to be my grandson, and in front of a magical full set of sparkling drums and cymbals. I had a ball!  I am fascinated by my homework - learning to 'read' the music, which means unlearning my 15 years of sight-reading regular notes and adjusting to the same notes which are now attached to the drums. I've got a book from the library, as I have one lesson a week, and how rigged up a 'practice kit' in my study, consisting of tupperware  boxes, stainless steel flasks and saucepan lids. I have my own sticks and am very excited about this new challenge. I'll keep you posted! Hope it keeps me young. My children think I'm slightly touched but hey, who cares?


  1. Good for you! What a great way to celebrate being 61! You're absolutely right about learning an instrument as a way to stave off Alzheimer's. But even more, how wonderful that you have realized a long time dream!

  2. Bang those drums proudly and a sound proof room is a great idea.
    Arkansas Patti