Saturday, 27 August 2011

Going Home, Local Dialects

Sunny day today - although one can't count on that: England is the land of 'showers & sunny periods' say the weather men.  My brother had at least half his holiday wet, but they don't mind, nor does the dog: they all go on long walks regardless. I remember being at a guest house in the Lake District one summer, where Wellington boots were lined up at the front door for use of guests. I am excited to go home: I've missed everyone. My dad will probably forget I was here at all but that's all right, my brother and his family have had a short break. I am making a lunch dish for them with pasta and tuna but can't find a can opener!  Have to borrow from dad again... One of the intriguing things about this part of the world has been the local dialect. Odd that very often verbs and pronouns get mixed up around here.  My great uncle used to say,  "Us'll go to the shops now, "  and "Give it we".  One chap calling for his wife upstairs in their house yelled "Where am ya?" and a local Mancunian (from Manchester) friend of my sister-in-law's asked me "'Av ya gorrit?" when determining whether I had written down a phone number correctly. It must be a fascinating study to find out how local dialects have evolved.  I would love to know if any of you have any favourite or grammatically weird pieces of language in your area?

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