Thursday, 7 July 2011


I am getting a little tired of salesmen who appear to enthusiastically want one's business - and then never arrive with the actual quote.  We have been trying to get someone to change our old wooden front door over to a glass one, with a sand-blasted design.  We've made two attempts so far: at first I asked the people who put in our aluminium windows - I heard nothing for three weeks, then on following up, I found out that the guy who had to quote them for the sand-blasting had been ill. No-one thought to let me know.  So I googled another company near to where we live:  the young salesman arrived promptly and professionally with photos of jobs done and an impressive book of designs to choose from.  Since then, I have waited... and waited -  either for the e-mailed quote or for him to phone me.  Eventually, I phoned his office to complain and he arrived post haste, full of excuses and cross with people who 'had not passed on messages'. Now I wait again: having phoned his office today (four days after the appointed time)  I know he is not ill, he is out 'on the road' and will phone me immediately he gets back. I'm still waiting.  When I asked for someone to quote I was specific: they knew it was a small job, but yes they were interested.  I surmise that bigger jobs have taken preference.  Why don't they just say?  It's the lack of communication that frustrates so much.  Therefore, on principal, as it is now after work hours and I have not been contacted - the deal is off.  I'll try elsewhere.  In these difficult economic times, why is it that people are so casual about their possible customers?  After all, I could have given them a good reference for a job well done. Stuff it.


  1. Yes, it's the communication. Even "I'm out on the road until a week from Thursday" would be better.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I have a company I deal with occasionally for work that I used to have a wonderful salesman to deal with. When he retired he was replaced by a younger guy who could care less about my little bit of business. I called him about 3 months ago to get some parts I needed. He told me they would be special order and would get back to me. After a month of silence I emailed him and he responded with some scanned pages from a catalog showing the totally wrong parts. I scanned a paper I had that showed the part and sent it back to him. after another month passed, I finally did some research online and easily found the parts from another company. They arrived and were installed a few weeks ago. I still have not heard anything back from my salesman but I am hoping he does eventually call me so I can tell him to go jump in a lake! :)