Sunday, 10 July 2011

Early Sunday Morning

8.30 on Sunday morning and the phone rings - we are luxuriating in bed after a very late night baby-sitting at my daughter's house after which we drove home. It sounds like my friend, L, so "Good morning, L !"  say I in the same cheery voice.  Silence.  No, it's Thembi, from a marketing company.  She wants "two minutes of your time" to answer a questionnaire about foodstuffs.  ? On a Sunday morning ??  I am momentarily lost for words which has allowed her the time to launch into her speech.  When I get a gap to interrupt (she sounds so nice), I politely tell her that the last time I fell for this line of talk,  I was kept on the phone for half and hour and I had a cake in the oven!  Never again, I said, because at the end of the interminable questions there is always a sales pitch for something. And on a Sunday?  Doesn't she know that this is the only day most human beings on the planet have in the week in which to try to make love to their partner  - before the phone rings!  (To my regret, I did not actually say this last bit, though I would have loved to!) But it would have been a lie at the moment as for the last two weeks, since my husband put his back out, we have spent this precious time doing pilates both for his back and my hip and knee.  You just have to keep your sense of the humour as you age. 


  1. We have caller ID. The telemarketers don't ID themselves, so we don't answer. You are too kind!