Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Reflections - The Med. Cruise...

One ballroom dance couple on every cruise boat

St Mark's square - Sat. 4th June 2011

Inside a 'vaporetto'  - water bus

With the advent of the Internet, its hardly necessary to post touristy photos from our trip, so I'll just make a few observations overall.  May is a great month to go to the Med, its not yet hot or crowded. We arrived in Venice on 23rd and it was very pleasant: when we returned on 3rd June - the 'season' was in full swing and the streets and tourists were like sardines everywhere and rushing from place to place like on the London Underground. In Ephesus, we struggled to find our tour bus in the parking area - our guide commented that there were only 70 buses on that day - in July or August we would be faced with 350 at any one time. We loved Turkey - relatively new to tourism, everywhere is neat and tidy - there is a large fine and jail sentence of two months if anyone litters!  On the island of Santorini, we loved the amazing white buildings and were told that the Greek government gives all the villagers free paint every season to do up their homes for the tourists. It makes the island seem like paradise against the blue sea and sky. We loved meeting with our dinner companions on the ship every night: there was a mother and daughter from Wales, an elderly couple from Toronto and two American ladies, one about 48 and the other 73, (widowed)  who were golfing partners and had decided to holiday together. We loved our waiters, the younger from Mauritius and the other from Argentina. And of course, we loved the ship! I was interested to see that the library was always full of bridge players and Chinese girls, playing Mahjong.  We watched the theatre show each night, luxuriating in the armchair-like seats. I began to get sad when the boat turned around and started to head home.  The only way to cheer oneself up is to look forward to distributing gifts on one's return home and to start saving up for the next trip!


  1. Two months in jail for littering?! That's awesome! I wish they would do that here in the states. I see so many people who just don't care and will drop anything they please anywhere they happen to be.

    It looks like a wonderful trip. I hope that someday I'll be able to convince my wife to go on a cruise but if not, I'll at least get to have a taste through the pictures of everyone else who goes! :)

  2. You should try a Caribbean cruise with your family. Your kids would love it and its much cheaper than the Mediterranean ones as the port taxes are minimal.