Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hotels in Venice - 3 star - A Tribute to the Music Residenza

Marble steps to our room
Me lying in bed - lovely old furniture

We could make tea/coffee

Cruise boats went by in front

Basket of rolls/croissants as well!

I chose this hotel on an Internet search through the excellent website www.hotel.com.  The site is great as you get access to candid comments from visitors which is very helpful.  I thought that as we only had one night in Venice either end of our cruise, we would spend a bit and so this one was about $350 per night for the room, including all charges and breakfast.  In South Africa, this would get you a pretty large, fancy room.  It was facing out to the main lagoon, about 10 minutes walk from St Mark's Square and we had a stunning view from our little loft apartment, whose bedroom was tiny, but whose bathroom was modern and well-equipped, except that Italians are small people and Venice hotels have a bit of a 'squashed' feel especially for my husband who is largish and found himself wedged into the tiny bath with his shoulders almost meeting across his chest.  No shower. (I took a photo of him in the bath but he made me delete it!) A big problem with a lot of hotels is that they have no name visible above the entrance so how to find them?  There was a row of busy stalls in front of ours and we only found it by chance - dragging our suitcases along the front edge of the buildings about where we guessed it should be from the map, and luckily, I spied a small brass plaque on the wall.  Luckily, the vaporetto stop was only a few yards away. Hotels are so small, they seem of exist mostly of a front door, leading onto a reception area and then there are three floors of rooms with two more squeezed into the roof space.  You get a lift up the first three floors then you have to drag your suitcases up the last flight of stairs.  There is no tipping in Italy:  I can see why - no-one helps you with your luggage. There is a breakfast room (which we didn't see) on the first floor, but we were so enchanted with our view we had it on our balcony.  They supplied enough food for six people! There was a Norwegian couple in identical accommodation behind us.  Views from the balcony on next post.......not downloaded yet!


  1. It looks wonderful! That balcony would be where I would spend most of my time, the view looks amazing! That room looks like it has a lot of character, not like the mass produced rooms at our big chain hotels! I hate the way every single room has to look exactly like the rest! Give me some variety! :)

    So were you able to eat all that food they gave you for breakfast?

  2. Nope. Was already feeling a bit off from over-indulgence on the flights with Emirates... We had a 4-hour stop-over in Dubai on the way from Cape Town - my husband discovered they therefore give you a free meal in the transit terminal! So we had scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, coffee, juice at the airport... and then again on the next plane to Italy as well as lunch! I deserved to feel the way I did!

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