Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hotel Belle Epoque - Canareggio, Venice

Hubbie got a hold of my Kindle!

I knew there wouldn't be a 'view' at this one Same rooftop set-up.

Italian glass is so over the top!

Room measured 2.5 x 4 metres

I chose this hotel for its location near to the cruise port on the other side of Venice island and because I thought we should be able to drag our suitcases through the nearby streets to the vaporetto stop to pick up the water bus back to the airport after our cruise. Luckily, we had been able to do a 'recce' on foot the day before the ship departed for our cruise and we discovered that there was even a new form of transport a "People Mover" - an overhead monorail, from the ferry boat terminal near to the cruise ship dock,  which was not mentioned yet on the websites:  it would take us to within a 5-minute walk of our hotel. Helpfully, the cruise ships provide shuttles where they can to get you out of the harbour and a bus dropped us at the entrance to the People Mover. This hotel actually had its name emblazoned above the doorway, so was easy to find and although it was quite a bit cheaper than the first, it was beautifully decorated (see our room and the breakfast room) and we had a superb breakfast with beautiful china and excellent cappucinos.  There was no view though (see pic). The only puzzling thing for me was that I couldn't get the electricity to work in the room (I rarely get to stay in hotels) and had to be shown that you insert a card attached to the door key into a slot and voila! - on go the lights. A good way to save electricity. Still, most of you will be familiar with this. Unlike our first hotel, which I had also booked online in January, this one allowed for no cancellations and no refunds, so it was good that we were able to turn up! So regarding Venice hotels, I suggest don't go lower than 3 star. I saw two dismayed tourists one day, having found their hotel, confronting a flight of about 25 steps up which to get their suitcases before they could reach Reception. This one of ours was again lift up three,  walk up one. 


  1. The rooms look beautiful but you're right about the view! Not a very nice follow up to the last view you had is it? :)

  2. You have to travel light and be nimble in Europe, so many ancient places trying to adapt to modern needs. I am fond of Venice, even wrote a mystery novella based there, as a result of a vacation we took. Glad you had a good time.