Thursday, 30 June 2011

Happy Ending

Our bank manager has looked after us for the last twenty years and is retiring today after 40 years' service.  He is a delightful, religious man, with old-worldly good manners and has seen to all our needs, despite our small account, as if we were royalty. Over the years he has let drop that he has a son with special needs and he has now been divorced for six years.  His son and ex-wife live abroad. He has made arrangements to support his son until he dies as he will be unable to look after himself. Feeling a little sorry for him (the dad), I decided to pop in today with a small gift and a note of appreciation. I found him, business as usual, with work still arriving on his desk. He has mixed feelings, he says, about his last day -  but then suddenly, his face bursts into a huge grin and he tells me that he is getting married next year! You could have knocked me over with a feather, but then he is a lovely man and he has found a wonderful woman, divorced for many years herself, who has brought up alone two lovely and intelligent daughters, one of whom shares our man's love of literature and history. He it thrilled with his future wife and new daughters and can't wait to embark in his 'second chance.' How great is that!