Thursday, 19 May 2011

Teenage Boy's Bedroom

Thinking small son might be lonely during his ‘gap few months’ in London,  we phoned to find him in a bit of a hurry – off to show Oxford Circus to his friend from Switzerland, who has popped over to keep him company this week.  Most of small sons’ friends are also having a ‘gap’ year while they ‘find themselves’.  Worried that he might not be eating, we find that actually he has just cooked a nice roast  - big son having delivered a severe lecture on the dangers of a junk food diet and obligingly leaving his brother a fully stocked fridge after a few cooking lessons. I feel I must add that I have made similar efforts in the past when we were away from home – but have returned to find the fridge still full and the house scattered with junk food wrappers.  Clearly, small son is somewhat in awe of his big brother. Meanwhile, I must tackle his bedroom at home, spurred on by having just watched an old episode of ‘My Family’ on BBC Prime, in which Nic, the eldest son, has left home for the first time and installed himself into a flat.  In one scene, his dejected mother enters his still cluttered bedroom and sits sadly on the bed.  After a few moments, she rises, leaves the room and returns with an air freshener which she liberally sprays about, then hastily leaving and firmly closing the door.  LOL  NB  Google pic does not show the empty wardrobe and dirty/clean clothes strewn over every available square inch of floor.


  1. I guess it is a universal phase all teens go through. At some point, they will grow out of it and get themselves 'cleaned'.

  2. Have yours got to that stage yet?