Friday, 6 May 2011

Shopping for Hubbie

My husband announced he would like to go to shop for “a couple of chinos”.  My heart sank. Much though I adore the shops if I go by myself, it is awful shopping for clothes for one who is no longer a 38 but won’t admit he’s a 40. Last time we came home with absolutely nothing but a foul mood.  This time he is again fired with enthusiasm because he believes he must have some new clothes for our holiday and besides the last time he went to a business meeting, his casual trousers seemed to sport some oily marks which he notices have come through the washing machine for some months now. I ignore this. He also fancies a light leather jacket of the ilk worn by his younger brother.  My heart sank at this additional plan because my young brother-in-law is in a better financial position than us and I think hubbie would pass out if he knew what that jacket cost! Anyway, you get those days when the sun shines on any shopper and fate is kind. We picked up two pairs of fitting chinos at the ‘end of range’ rail - in size 38! On to the leather jacket. We almost succeeded at one smart store – I would have opened an account for this garment, albeit expensive, for it was as soft as a kitten, light as a feather and turned my husband into a slightly more mature version of Brad Pitt.  Unfortunately, the XL was a tad too small and in spite of an extensive computer search there was no XXL available at any store in Cape Town. Bye bye Brad Pitt!  At another store where we have an account, we found a lovely jacket, well-cut, soft and light in the right size: he liked it, I liked it.  Even better, it was on sale  – R899 reduced from R1100.  At the till, the price came up as reduced even more to R599!!!  Some days, a plan comes together. Brad Pitt is back!


  1. I hate shopping for clothes for myself! My sense of style went out of style about 25 years ago and so I let my wife buy whatever she sees fit and I wear it without complaint! :)

    As far as waist size goes, I managed to lose some weight a while back and had the pleasure of buying new pants but have since found them all to be getting smaller! Darned things, they just don't make clothes like they used to do they? ;)

  2. oh dear - well we are all a bit like that I guess. Thanks for the comments. I do remember the Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin, loved that show when I was a kid.

  3. Giggle to you both! So glad to have found a Reggie Perrin fan!