Sunday, 15 May 2011

Retirement House - update

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Hi everyone!  Just trying to upload more than one photo - as so many of you manage to do in your posts without apparently any bother.  Rosaria asks how our 'holiday' house is progressing, so I am going to try to post some of our own photos.  We still have far to go:  we now feel we need to invest in big, motorised gates across the front of the property so that our small grandchildren can safely ride their bikes in the yard. We've just finished adding on an extension above the garage - for our 'indoor hobbies', sewing, computering and model-boat building when we retire there in three years time and there is now an additional work room for my husband's power tools downstairs behind the garages.  I also have a laundry there.  The garden remains a non-starter for the moment, although we have managed to get lawn to grow in the front - taking shoots every week-end from our own garden at home, but generally the snails have a field day and devour everything else that we put in - especially my husband's efforts at a grenadilla vine, lemon and persimmon trees in the back yard.  Even building a wall around the lot has not kept out the small antelope (duikers) that stroll around our paving and eat the choicest of the new leaves. Ah well....  How do you put the photos in between the text?


  1. Oh, thank you! There is a product called Sluggo for snails and slugs, safe for pets and birds. We have deer to worry about, and have landscaped with natives that deer leave alone. Your place looks marvelous; it will be fantastic for you and your family. Good luck.

  2. That looks like it is going to be a wonderful place to retire! It also looks like you have been doing a lot of work on it! I bet it is very rewarding to see it coming together!

    Here's a little crash course on adding pictures to your posts:

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    After they have uploaded they will all be selected but you don't have to insert them all at the same time. Just click on the ones you don't want, to unselect them until only the ones you do want are left selected, then click the "Add Selected" button and the selected picture or pictures will be added wherever your cursor is at the time.

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    I hope this helps! Have fun! :)

  3. Oh by the way, that crash course was assuming you are writing your post on the "Compose" tab and not the "Edit HTML" tab. It's much more complicated if you are using the "Edit HTML" option! :)

  4. Thanks, Book Nut - I'll have a go! I wouldn't have a clue how to use the HTML tab.

  5. I can see that your retirement home seemingly going as planned. I’m sure your grandchildren will have a lot of fun riding their bikes in the front yard! And having a garden will definitely be good for you, especially if you want to grow some flowers and plants in the future.

  6. I agree with you, Cara. A garden would be a good idea! Since a retirement home actually mirrors relaxation, fresh and green scenery can give off a tranquil atmosphere. Anyway, how does the house look like now? =)