Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quirky Preparation for Trip

I knew there had to be a good reason for hubby to be buying  "Handyman" magazine every month.  Sure enough, when we bought two expensive pairs of trainers for me to walk miles on our holiday, up the mountains in Greece to the Acropolis  -  "fairly strenuous" says the guidebook -  it "Handyman" came in useful . After one hour of walking around the house, I found both pairs hurt my right foot, where it seems I have of late developed a bunion.   According to the magazine, the answer is to fill a small bag with water, insert it into the tight part of the shoe and place in the deep freeze.  As the water freezes, it will expand, thus stretching the shoe in the strategic place.  So tonight,  as I am putting out my clothes to start packing,  I am looking at two forlorn-looking left trainers, their partners residing in between joints of venison in my deep freeze.  Hope it works - otherwise I'll just have to take my old, falling-to-pieces-but-very-comfortable Nikes.  At least I won't look like a rookie traveller!  NB  Book Nut - images won't insert at Cursor.


  1. That's quite an interesting fix! I never heard of doing something like that! I hope it works for you! At least you have a comfortable pair to fall back on.

    I'm not sure what might be causing the trouble with the pictures but I will do some experimenting with Word and see if I can figure out if that is where the problem lies. We'll get it figured out eventually and have you blogging like a pro before you know it! :) Not that I'm a pro mind you! :)

    I hope you guys have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  2. Thanks so much - for everything! 'Bye for now.....