Monday, 16 May 2011

Planning a Family Reunion

It has been decided that it would be a great idea to have a reunion of all of my husband’s siblings (and spouses) before one of us ‘dops om’ (dies). This plan has come to the fore since one of my sisters-in-law hosted a grand gathering of her husband’s clan – some 250 people – on their farm. The logistics of that week-end were complex to say the least and it could not have taken place without the help of several neighbours offering accommodation. Happily, this group will only number 14 but I am beginning to wonder if it would not be better to limit the number to the 7 actual siblings as the debate re venue rages on. Geographically, we are spread all around the country. Everyone has their own individual preference as to venue and no two are the same. Some people are retired and their time is their own, others work full-time and have limited leave opportunities; some people are pretty wealthy, others just make ends meet. Suggestions range from a week in Zanzibar to a week-end at a campsite to a few days on a nephew’s game farm up near Zimbabwe where at least there would be free accommodation and enough room for all. This last met with general approval – we would be the furthest but are quite happy to fly up and hire a car from Joburg, picking up the Joburg people on the way. By the end of the evening this idea had found general consensus.
On the drive home however, my husband’s phone rang – objections to the last plan had surfaced from those who would have to host the event – on the grounds of too much work for too few.  Well, I can’t say I blame them – we did have quite a big meet there last year – 30 odd people, including quite a lot of children.  They say how about hiring chalets at a venue half-way for everyone?
So it’s back to square one. I am now no longer very keen on the whole idea.  After all, we are a pretty close family and see quite a lot of each other anyway during the course of a year.


  1. My wife's family does a camping reunion every year and it is normally a source of contention as well! I don't much enjoy going because they always seem to pick the most crowded campgrounds at the busiest time of year so we are shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers and don't get any sleep because of the constant noise around us! :(

    That being said, I wouldn't want to host it either! But that's more because neither I or my wife really find much pleasure in spending time with her family! :)

    We are in fact planning a party at our house for a bunch of our friends and neighbors that could number as many as 60 people including children! It should be quite a lot of fun since we have a pretty small house! We are desperately hoping for good weather so everyone can be outside! :)

  2. Wow! That should be great. Enjoy

  3. I like family in very small doses, lol. Anyway, I wanted to comment that you have a lovely retirement home and it appears large enough to accomodate a crowd; bet you won't be able to keep them away.;)

  4. Well, yes. We always get visitors there - and have slept up to 17 (some admittedly on matresses). Our own bedroom is upstairs (with view of the lagoon - see blog header) and there are 3 double rooms downstairs. My kitchen and lounge are upstairs. To accommmodate grandchildren we have now moved some old TVs and DVD players into the front two downstairs bedrooms.

  5. When the house was really rudimentary (see pic on right hand side of blog page "Just Us" - we had 12 people sleeping over for New Year - blithely unaware that we weren't even legal then - no electricity or ceilings - a pigeon taken up residence in the rafters in the kitchen. You can see us and guests precariously standing on the edge of the balcony - no balustrade! (No tiny kids at that stage.)