Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Garden Hippo

I’ve lately fallen in love with a garden hippo (think - erstwhile garden gnome) after seeing one floating around in a lily pond at our local nursery It’s just the fibreglass head, you understand.  It was immediately a must-have for me.  It looked so real and reminded me of that true story about a hippo, named Huberta, who stirred up a lot of interest some decades ago, by strolling by herself, through some of the towns and gardens of the Natal coastline, apparently on some sort of personal mission.  So I got myself one and put it in our swimming pool . Huberta was sometimes found swimming in people’s pools.  Unfortunately, my hippo tends to interfere with the Kreepy-Krauly (Pool cleaner) and in this foreign environment, from the view point of my sitting room window, looks rather like a large elephant turd when it does float into view.   It also gave our neighbour a fright:  he popped in to check on the house one day while we were away and thought it was a dead cat.
I must really build it a lilly pond. Meanwhile, she obliges as a swimming aid for my grandchildren.


  1. That is too cool!

    The company I work for used to own a miniature golf course that had a waterfall and several small pools throughout the course. They needed an easy way to introduce chlorine into the water so I got them an alligator head that holds chlorine tablets under the water. It ended up being much the same as your hippo, it never looked right and was often mistaken for floating debris so they finally got rid of it!

  2. interesting - I kind of like hippos, although I've heard they kill more people than any other animal.

  3. That's certainly true in AFrica.