Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cell Phone Upgrade?

It is amazing to me that you get a so-called new-and-improved version of something and some of its features prove to be inferior to the old one. Take cars, for instance,  why can’t they put all the best gadgets into the new model? I remember having once a windscreen wiper on my car’s back window – it was great – never managed to get it again.  My old cell phone (a Nokia) had a great Voice Tag feature, very easy to set up, always reliable. I phoned all my close family and friends that way.  Unfortunately, those tags have to be re-done on my new phone (Nokia) – I had to look it up in the book as you now have to first go to ‘Voice Training’ .  This was a somewhat tedious process, as they make you repeat 14 different  names of their devising, e.g. “Chelsea Patterson”,  “Fred Bloggs” etc. But I did it, carefully keeping the same intonations each time, the same that I had used on my old phone.  Finally, I got to make my first call.  “Sally Hardcastle”,  I requested -  “Phoning  Pete!” said a male voice in firm tones.  I hastily pressed stop and tried my husband’s name and surname.  “Phoning Beverley” , said my phone. Neither name in any way resembled what I had asked for.  Now what? It’s almost enough to make me resurrect my old phone except that the camera’s better on this one.


  1. I AGREE!! I can't stand getting a new phone normally. The only reason I do it is to avoid having to replace the battery! Our contract provides a free phone every two years and that is about how long the batteries have been lasting. I really miss my phone from four years back! :(

    That's what they're calling progress! Ever notice how the meaning of words seem to change over the years? :)

  2. I understand completely and sympathize with your tech-deficiency. Why can't the techies make room for some real people who can make these machines truly user-friendly?

  3. I had also laboriously copied everyone's birthdays with reminders onto an old phone. The refused to 'transfer' to my new one. Now we have a safe-full of old phones for when my kids lose theirs.