Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bank Joke

 ........rewind to 10th June, 2008
Well, today, my small son gets on the plane to London to stay with his brother and sister-in-law for nearly five months. To this end, I had warned him to deliver lots of pizzas in this last month and save as much as he could because of the horrendous exchange rate and because his dad and I had agreed to treble whatever he gathered. None of this sank in too well considering the amount of
partying he has done in the last few weeks since finishing his re-sits and when we went to the bank yesterday he had exactly R550 in his account.  He’s jolly lucky he has a British passport. When challenged, he said he could have saved R900 but felt sorry for his dad and me as he knows we are also saving for our own holiday. I was somewhat sceptical of this spurious logic, knowing full well that he simply plans to borrow from his brother, again ignoring all parental advice over the years re “neither a borrower nor a lender be”. He’ll just have to learn the hard way.  In the end, I had privately decided we could stretch to R2,500 whatever as we can hardly let him go with nothing. I also remembered that he has a speeding fine of R800 pending.  Leave that money in your account, I said, towards the fine. So we gave him R2000. It’s also for his birthday.
When we told the nice young man at the bank that we had come in for pounds sterling, he got a worried look and said they didn’t have a large amount in stock.  Not to worry, said I, I think you’ll have this much.
After the form-filling, when he handed over the princely sum of £125, he dutifully delivered his normal speech,  “......and if you have any pounds left over when you come back, you must cash them in within two weeks of your return.”
Very funny.  NB.  About R10 to the dollar at that time and R12 to the pound.

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