Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Away for a Bit

Splendour of the Seas - our boat!

Voyager of the Seas - first trip
I have hesitated to mention that we shall be away for the next two weeks – no blogging from me as we do not go on holiday with our computers, although I am considering taking my Kindle.  I haven’t wanted to make anyone jealous, but have decided that all my blog friends will wish us well on only the second ‘real’ holiday of our 34 years of married life,  nearly all the others having been spent visiting family.  Yes, we are going on a Mediterranean cruise with Royal Caribbean!  I confess we have been once before to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and we were so impressed we decided to go once more before we retire. So this is it! This time we are ‘doing’ the Eastern side of the Med, starting and finishing in Venice, and calling at Serbia, Croatis, Greece, Turkey, Mykonos and Santorini islands before returning to Venice.  We leave on Saturday with Emirates airline (presumably no terrorists onboard) up to Dubai and then direct to Venice with them.  There have been months of enjoyable preparation and fun on the Internet (e.g. hubbie has downloaded six pages no less of directions and photos how to get from the luggage carousel at Venice airport down to the water-stop for the vaporetto which will take us across the sea to the island!)  I find irony in the fact that as a student I used to fly quite often to work in various parts of the world and never gave a thought to any kind of Travel Insurance! Now, at 60, our hand luggage seems to consists mostly of all our chronic medicines, plasters, ointments and broad-spectrum anti-biotic and I am quite paranoid about the idea of perhaps getting sick or having an accident.  My husband is excited about the idea of hiring a scooter for a few hours in one or two of the resorts.  As one-time bikers in our youth, we also cherish a dream of visiting the US one day and doing Route 66.  Is it still good?  I’ll let you know how it goes.  These pics are of our last experience.  NB. Book Nut - I've tried to insert at the cursor point - but all pics inserted at the top together. I've had a bit more success dragging them about the text. But not much. Maybe because I type my post first in Word, then copy and paste, then try to put the pics in ?  When I pressed "Publish" - all the pics have put themselves at the top of the post again ??????


  1. I am a bit jealous but I am very happy for you guys! It will be a wonderful time I'm sure! We have some friends that just took a cruise for their 25th anniversary and absolutely loved it!

    I would love to take a cruise but my wife is a bit leery of boats since every boat she's been on ended up having engine problems! It's true! She's been out with friends several times and they have all had problems and then she was even out on a commercial riverboat and it broke down and had to be towed back! :) She has relented a little bit after hearing about how much fun our friends had. Maybe for our 25th anniversary (in another 12 years) she'll be ready to risk it!

    I have always wanted to travel Route 66! I've heard that there are some really neat sights to see along there. I think the Disney movie CARS has brought it back to our attention a little bit as well! I remember having an old 8-track cartridge of Nat King Cole singing Get Your Kicks On Route 66, I loved it! :)

    I bet the problem is with pasting the text in from Word. Try pasting in just the section of text you want to appear after a certain picture and then inserting the next picture. Then paste in the next section of text and then the next picture and so on.

    Word has extra formatting codes and other hidden stuff that gets pasted in along with the text. It's very complicated and can wreak havoc with other programs sometimes! :) I see you got the captions figured out quite nicely though! :)

    Well, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time on your cruise! Make sure you take plenty of pictures to share with us! :)

    Bon Voyage!!!

  2. Thanks for the tips!!! Apparently, it could also be that I don't have the latest Firefox update, going by what some folks say about the same problem on the net. I'll try what you say though - re Word. ... maybe one more post before we go. Re Cruising: I must say I feel so safe on these huge boats - the water in our glasses didn't even move last time when we left port. Happily, I've not been on boats with any engine problems. Was chucked overboard once when sailing - don't like sailing!

  3. Have fun! Take lots of pictures. Write down the odd and the entertaining. Make us all envy you! I have not been on that cruise, and look forward to your reporting.

    Looking good in that picture, btw.

  4. Thank you both. I try just to report the quirky stuff - same with any photos. Can't wait..... 3 more sleeps!