Thursday, 28 April 2011

Small Son - Big Hangover

I should have smelt a rat last night when small son set off the house alarm by mistake and I heard him quietly answering the phone when the security company phoned to check – about 2.00 a.m.   I should have smelt more rats this morning, when hubbie left for work and exclaimed that the big, motorised security gates  for which we coughed up big money after our burglary last year, were standing wide open!  Note to self: not matter how good your security system is it can’t account for the teenage factor.  Then when I found small son’s bedding stripped and even his duvet lying in the kitchen by the washing machine (damp patches on all), I should have known.  An unpleasant smell of vomit pervaded my nice clean kitchen and small son was to be found sleeping peacefully in a sleeping bag in the spare room, having deserted his  ill-smelling own.  He wrote his last exam yesterday. I had a distinct sense of déjà vue, going back ten years when an almost identical situation presented itself in the shape of his older brother, (then himself 18).  The essential difference is that whereas small son at least tried to clean up after himself, eldest son slept through it – and in it!  It must be a question of degree.


  1. Never having been a drinker myself, stories like this make me wonder why anyone continues after having a night like that! :)

    A friend of a friend of mine found himself out in the woods (after a major round of drinking at a party) unsure of where he actually was and covered in mud! You would think that would have started him thinking about changing his ways but there are lots more stories that follow this one in his legacy of stupidity while drunk!! :)

  2. Both my sons have calmed down now and each only did that in his mother's house once!