Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding - South African Style

I couldn't be the only female blogger in the world not to mention 'The Wedding' today so...
We are just as manic here in Cape Town as everywhere else - it's a work day so office parties have been arranged, TVs brought into pubs and libraries,  ladies of 'a certain age' are organising private parties at home, camped around the TV with cucumber sandwiches, scones and cream, Victoria sponge cakes and, of course, lots of champagne.  One lot are doing fancy dress, have bought magnificent hats and are dressing up the hostess's mother as the Queen.  Where will I be?  When Di and Charles wed - which was also my brother's wedding day in the UK - I was on holiday with my family and friends in Mauritius. Unpopular with my own family, I remember trying to catch a glimpse of the other wedding on TV in the hotel's beachside pub.  (Was I the only person in the world to think the dress awfully ugly?) When Diana died, I spent the day of the funeral in bed with boxes of tissues, glued to the screen - my concerned husband bringing me pots of tea from time to time as he thought I must be ill. This time - woe is me! - I shall be trapped in my car on the way to the airport to attend my sister-in-law's 70th birthday at the exact time that Kate will enter the church!!!!!  How could this happen?  I can only blame myself: I booked the tickets months ago before we knew the date of the wedding.  Yes I know there will be loads of pictures and videos afterwards for months on end.  But it will not be the same.  Every woman will understand that I had to see 'that dress' at the exact same moment as the other two  billion people around the world watching their TVs. It's hard to get permission to publish any of Google's images these days so this is a pic of my daughter and daughter-in-law on the day of my daughter's wedding.


  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Apparently I am totally unconnected to the world around me! I didn't even know there was to be a Royal Wedding until I came in to work this morning and heard my female coworkers talking about it! I still wasn't sure what it was all about until I logged on to Blogger here and saw all the posts like this one from all my friends! :)

    I guess I'm thinking more about my evening alone with my wife since the kids are spending tonight at Grandma's!! ;)

  3. it looks so great,, south african Style.. love it. something new for me,, yeah..

    visit me, please..

  4. Well, I've looked at my two new commenters - Yaheu and Cart Ridges - surprise. Both commercial blogs, selling something. Not nice.
    Hi Book Nut! At least you and your wife would have been very in tune with William and Kate, enjoying each other's company last Friday night! Good on ya'.