Thursday, 7 April 2011

Eat By, Dried Foods

In the same programme, (see previous post), they tested an instant Chinese meal – circa 2001, which had lain, overlooked, in the kitchen cupboard and compared it with a new packet. Once cooked, both dishes looked that same in colour and texture. Once tasted, the verdict was that they both tasted surprisingly good – perhaps the new one had a slightly better flavour. No ill effects were experienced in the next few days.  The scientist said that he would hazard a guess that there should be no reason why dried food in sealed vacuum-packaging should not last for a hundred years, because bacteria simply cannot multiply without oxygen and moisture.  Hmmm, don’t think I could psychologically handle that: on the other hand, there are lots of packets that are going to stay in my kitchen and medicine cupboards after all. We know that tins last, especially ones that they dig out of ice at the poles, but should I trust my 8-year-old can of coconut milk? I expect I’ll do the usual taste and smell test. I won’t eat it though: can’t : on a permanent diet: too many calories: that’s why it’s still in the cupboard.

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