Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Blood Group Diet inter alia

Someone was speaking about this the other day so I looked it up. Apparently, there is some theory about food (couldn’t quite follow the argument) that says you should eat certain things according to your blood group. The interesting part is that you are likely to be naturally drawn to those food groups. There is a chart: my husband – group O – lots of meat for him,  as for me – group A+ - I am supposed to be vegetarian and no dairy!  Obviously, another crackpot theory, I’m not giving up my pork chop with crispy fat or my chocolate éclairs for anyone!  On reflection though, I do love my veggies and am not normally that bothered about meat and  my pork chops and chocolate éclairs are severely rationed. Husband, of course, loves his meat. No problem there. He is supposed to eat spinach and broccoli though – he hats spinach!  If you scroll to the end however, there are the usual cop-out, back-covering options  “You can have these foods SOMETIMES”. So what’s new?  At the very bottom of the page, I followed the link to Oprah’s Dr.Oz’s tips on how to lose weight successfully. Just cut out 100 calories a day. Makes the most sense to me. Or - I could squeeze myself into a corset.  Our local paper bore a photo of a very Victorian-looking lady, alive and well and living in Johannesburg, with her waist cinched into a tiny corset!  She makes and sells such items and is doing a roaring trade, especially with the more voluptuous ladies.  She says the trick is to lace it a little tighter each day.  The greatest benefit though is that it totally annihilates your desire for a hamburger.


  1. I would love to lose some weight but I also love to eat! So I just try to get smaller portions, I figure if it takes me a month to lose one pound, so be it, I'm still losing! :)

    As far as special diets and such, I don't put any faith in them, they are always changing their minds and deciding they were wrong. Of course they don't admit to being wrong, they just say something different and expect you won't notice! :)

  2. This new diet is on the news a lot now. Pros and cons? I hope you Luck with dieting

  3. Nah, I'm a bit like Book Nut, I don't follow any diet, just the sensible, balanced route - not too many indulgences too often.