Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bewigged no More

We were watching one of our favourite shows “Judge John Deed” the other day when my husband asked me if the bench and legal counsel in England still really wear wigs?  Of course, said I, having enjoyed a visit to the Old Bailey last September: England being as deeply entrenched in tradition as it is, that will never change. Hah! How wrong could I be?  A small article in yesterday’s Cape Times by John Scott  caught my eye: The Lord Chief Justice of the UK has decided that after 300 years of the same look, the bench needed a new image. A funky designer,  Betty Jackson, was engaged and the result is that the horse hair wigs have been jettisoned and the bench now wears a simple black gown with a broad stripe of either gold, purple or green (is it?).  With typical British humour, commentators have observed that the bench now looks like something out of Star Trek. I suppose we must bow to progress.  Thank goodness with all the interminable repeats on TV, the traditionalists will hopefully be able to enjoy ‘the old look’ for a long time to come. I highly recommend “Kavanagh QC” as well.

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