Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Waiting for Fish

We left for our holiday house after work on Friday evening, admonishing small son as usual to remember to set the burglar alarms, check the house, not leave the stove on etc.etc. as we plan to be away until Monday afternoon. A proper long week-end.  Unfortunately, husband has hurt his back somehow last week and is behaving in both a martyred and stoical fashion as he badly wanted to go fishing and is too sore to carry on with tiling the bathroom.  Normally this would mean that we would have been heading back to town on the Sunday morning but surprisingly, small son phoned out of the blue afternoon to announce that the ‘surf was up’ and he would be arriving with four of his friends to stay over, surf and fish.  I think he was feeling a bit guilty about his dad, as he knows it is really difficult for him to get his boat launched alone, especially as I am still working up the courage to learn either to reverse the boat trailer or to drive the boat so it is quite sweet of small son to come here, especially as he struggled to find someone to do his Saturday night shift delivering pizzas. This is his big earning night, so of course, his grateful dad has sponsored him a bit extra. They have all gone off now hoping to get a big haul of fish or at least have a lot of fun trying.  I’ll make them a big brunch when they get back.  All nice boys: only two are studying, the others are having a ‘gap’ year, trying to find themselves.  Not always easy to be young.   

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