Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"The Texi Got A Puncture, Baas"

One thing about living and working in South Africa is the nightmare of getting to work without a sophisticated public transport system. There is no doubt that what we are sitting with today is a legacy of Apartheid but no matter, it gives lots of latitude for employees to produce woe-filled excuses when they are late for work. My son-in-law pays for private taxi transport for his employees to and from home as they work late hours at his restaurant and when they are late in the morning it is always because the taxi had a puncture. This is detailed on the monthly sheets submitted for payment by the taxi owner. Strange to say, the punctures are always on the outward journey to work, never on the homeward bound. My son-in-law says it’s strange how many nails there are on the road all pointing in the same direction! (Giggle)  


  1. Well, it's like this; all of the construction company vehicles are freshly stocked with nails in the morning, but by evening they have all bounced out onto the road and been picked up by the vehicles behind them. So that is why in the evening there aren't so many punctures! :)

  2. Ah, I knew you would have the answer, Book Nut!