Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Teenage Dreams

Small son left school with poor results in most subjects so today is a biggie – his re-sit of Higher Grade Maths after six months of extra lessons. He has found three other buddies in the same boat.  We’ve made a plan to avoid parking a car at the venue which is in a questionable part of town. The three boys are going to take my car to my husband’s office – they will leave it and my husband’s driver will give them a lift down to the venue (in a very old truck), fetching them afterwards as well. This is life in South Africa – we take precautions. So its 7.10 a.m. and they have just left, allowing a good one hour fifteen minutes to face the gridlock for the 8 kilometre drive to the office. It will take them half an hour to get out of our suburb – one kilometre.  I was first worried about offering lifts in case anyone should be late, but the two boys arrived promptly at 7.00 a.m. looking quite nervous and refusing my offer of bacon and eggs with which I had just force-fed my own son. The first wanted to be a jet pilot, he told me, but was too tall at 1.9m, so he is trying to pursue his dream of becoming a commercial pilot. The other lad is also trying for a Higher grade pass – necessary for his proposed studies. Small son is trying for a Higher grade pass -  because his parents said so.  His ambitions at the moment are of getting work as a catalogue model in London.  He will stay with his brother for a couple of weeks in the beginning and he has just bought his ticket.  As we are strapped for cash and not wishing to throw good money after bad, we were dubious about helping him. In the end, he used all his Unit Trusts (now a ten-year investment) and – the amount that appeared in his bank account two days later was the EXACT cost of his ticket – one rand over.   Well, I’ve always believed in fate.  Son’s other ambition is to buy himself a fancy motor-bike when he gets back and to save enough to pay for his own eventual studies – whatever they may be. I’ve said nothing about that. In the meantime, he‘d better deliver a lots of pizzas in the next month to gather a few £s to take with him!


  1. I dreamed of being a cowboy when I was young! I tried to get a job at a ranch when I was 16 and was told to go back to school and get a real job! :)

    I hope all three of them do well today! :)

  2. The dreams of young people, we all have them. I do hope he is doing fine

  3. Oh, shame, Book Nut! And thank you both for the good wishes.