Friday, 18 February 2011

Proving a Point

We had guests last week-end, so I made a special effort, knowing that they like their drinks in cups rather than mugs to serve the coffee in our rarely-used best china.  Typically, when we bought the set, we did so because we liked the pudding bowls and overlooked the fact that the cups had tiny bases which were a bit unstable.  Forgetting this while jovially chatting to our visitors, my husband placed his cup down on its saucer without thinking and knocked it flying, coffee all over his trousers.  Without inflection, I suggested he change and put his pants in cold water in the basin in the bathroom, which he did, returning, somewhat chastened to finish his breakfast.  Later when we went to clean our teeth, we stepped into water flooding over the bathroom floor. He had not turned off the faucet.  Neutrally, I told him where we keep the mop and old towels (husbands never seem to know these things) and left him to it.  A week later, I had cause to check on my supply of new bars of soap, toothpaste etc kept in a bowl in the bathroom cupboard under the sink, and found all floating around on a sea of soapy foam, the soaps all mush.  I said nothing at all this time: after all, we’ve been married 33 years.  Some things need no further comment.


  1. Those are the moments that are best left alone! :)

  2. It is funny how husbands do not know some things :)...even after 33 years