Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PC Speak

There is one thing I am not sure I love about my Mac - this is its 'wire-less' appendages, namely the mouse and keyboard.  I was first assured by big son that it will be great for me to have a wire-less machine  except that there are still permanent wires for the keypad and the printer draped over my desk.  I had not at first realised that said mouse and keyboard have batteries instead.  So about every three months I get warning messages pop up about their batteries being low.  This sends me into a panic so I immediately change them.  The last time I couldn't get my mouse to work with its new batteries:  A message appeared:
                "Your mouse is undiscoverable, please make it discoverable"  ????????  ,  making me think that perhaps the "mouse detection programme" was not functioning.  Re-booting the machine made no difference. I was stumped. Eventually, reluctant to phone big son and receive another lecture, I took my mouse out into the bright sun and squinted into the hole where the batteries go.  It seems you have to put them in both facing the same way, so I'd got it wrong as in most appliances you put them end to end as it were.
 So why can't the message say, much more clearly:
              "Are the batteries inserted correctly?"
Who designs these messages?  Is English their first language?  (NB. Can't seem to upload any web pics today.  So this is one of mine - meant to be 'bright sun'.



  1. I love the picture, it's cold and snowy here so it is a reminder that there is warmer times coming! :)

    I had a wireless mouse for a while and every time I had to change the batteries I had to fight with it to get it to connect properly! I still have it but never use it any more since I got a laptop and got used to the touch pad.

  2. Oh. I haven't got used to a laptop yet.