Sunday, 6 February 2011

Parking Space

I cannot understand why when I go out with my husband in the car and there are lots of empty spaces in the car park, he insists on squeezing in between two already-parked vehicles if he possibly can, so that we both have to open our doors with great care in order to slither out, flattened against our own (often not very clean) body work and clutching our doors so that the cars don’t mutually scratch each other.  He does not take kindly to being challenged about this:  I just get told that he will park where he wants to or do would I rather drive?  Similarly, no matter how many available spaces there may be, when I get into my car to leave there is always someone waiting to take my space – as if it must be somehow better than all the others. It’s the same in restaurants – why do people always gravitate to the parts which are already full?  Personally, I like my space – wherever I am and I don’t like to broadcast my cell phone calls.   Maybe there are just ‘people who need people’ all the time. My husband is certainly a gregarious type whereas I am more of a loner. Just another example of ‘it takes all sorts’. NB. I just thought this pic was so cute! Obviously, not our car.


  1. Great picture.. and I relate, love getting my clothes dirty just to get the "best" parking place.

  2. Hi Vodka !!!!! Great that you managed to pop in again. Check you later......