Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A LIght - Bulb Moment - Computer Lesson

My friend from Jo-burg is a little less PC literate than me, meaning that she doesn’t know how to attach a photo to an e-mail.  So I said I’d help her and we sat down at my Mac.  She has “Gmail” so I told her to login and all was well when her own page appeared.  I showed her how to click on the little paper clip and would have shown her how to attach a photo – but all my pictures came up, not hers. We puzzled over this for a while and then I phoned my big son.  I got quite a lecture which included questions like: “Where do you think L’s photos are stored?” “Um….. somewhere on G-mail?”  we  guessed.  I imagined son’s eyes rolling skywards. With a big sigh and after some thought with the fairly mild comment, “Don’t be silly, mommy!”  he came up with this analogy -  “If you go to L’s house and look inside her fridge – do you expect to see your food?”
Ah, this made sense.  We get it now.