Thursday, 17 February 2011


The North-Wester is having a bit of a howl today although there is no rain, but the sky is grey and blustery and the house is a bit chilly which immediately gives me the urge to do a bit of baking.  Shades of growing up in the UK. I loved it when the smell of my mother’s cakes wafted up through the house and everywhere was warm.  Although she never taught me to cook, nor indeed was I allowed to use any of her appliances – except to wash the dishes, I found that when I set up a house of my own, I wanted to do things the way she did – mostly because I still loved the taste of a raw cake mix better than a cooked one. My daughter popped in today so I am also on ‘baby watch’ while crashing around in the kitchen but he is passed out in his chair and not reacting at all, having recently been fed. Do girls still bake today?  There are so many instant mixes on the shelf, not to mention home-made cakes and jams at all the craft markets, so there is really no need unless you like it.  I have taught my daughter to cook but she prefers making dinners, not desserts or cakes. I shall continue to do it – especially for my grandchildren, if she doesn’t have the time or the inclination.  I am just lucky that I have the time myself.  PS - Pic is of my husband's cake.


  1. My wife loves to cook and bake! My waist line is evidence of her wonderful skills! She has a deep aversion to ready made mixes so she does everything from scratch!

    We had a shock and a good laugh one time. Our 15 year old niece was staying with us and Tammy said she was going to make a cake from scratch. Our niece, wanting to help, asked where the mix was so she could get it. Tammy, puzzled, said "I'm not using a mix, I'm making it from scratch." Our niece said, "I thought using a mix was making it from scratch. How can you make a cake without a mix?" Tammy was appalled that she had never heard of making a cake from the raw ingredients so she taught her how to do it, and they had a lot of fun in the process! :)

    I am also known to dabble in the kitchen and feel much the same way you do. When it's cold outside, my thoughts turn to baking! :)

  2. Thank goodness there are those of like mind to pass things on to our youn'uns!

  3. Sorry - that should read 'young'uns'