Friday, 11 February 2011

Getting to a Casting

By an unfortunate coincidence,  small son has been shortlisted for a big-paying job for Samsung for which second-round casting he must present himself half an hour after his Maths exam this morning.  Of course, he is mightily excited about this and the two guys who wrote the exam with him have no choice but to accompany him in his mad dash across town.  I have tried (meanly, I admit) to dampen his enthusiasm a bit for two purposes: (1) to try to protect my car from injury and (2) in an effort to re-concentrate his mind on the exam. Still, I am not wrong – there is many a slip twixt cup and lip as far as actually landing a modelling job is concerned and he will be extremely lucky if he has EXACTLY  the look they want. Still, as my husband says, if you don’t have a hook in the water......(or in his case, more often these days – a ticket in the lotto)......  I just told son not to stand too close to his friend, M, who with his 1.9m height makes small son look a bit of a midget at 1.78.  On second thoughts, as I rather took to this shy, tall, gangly lad who has an engaging smile – I suggested small son take him along to meet his agent.  After all, it takes a lot of money if you want to be a pilot.  Post Script:  small son didn’t get the job but he did get a speeding fine. Such is life. I of course, think he's better looking than Zac Efron but that's just a mother talking.

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