Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Chocolate Rations

In times of all kinds of rationing, necessitated by general price hikes in every direction, food, petrol, bond and the huge electricity one, our household continues to operate Chocolate Rationing. Although we can afford to buy as much chocolate as we want, there are various reasons for this quirky behaviour.  Firstly, it harks back to my childhood, where similar conditions prevailed in our house with regard to sweets and fizzy drinks. Thus, I want my children to know that such things are actually bad for you other than to consume as an occasional treat as well as being a shameless luxury when children are starving in Africa. Secondly, I believe we should all train ourselves to suffer delayed gratification in some way, alarmed as I am by the general trend of modern life which leads our young to believe in Instant Gratification as their right.  So it is that my husband and I buy ourselves a block of Cadbury’s Nut once a week and it resides in my husband’s bedside table drawer from whence he dispenses 3 squares each every night. It is not possible for me to keep it on my side of the bed because of a complete lack of self-control – it would disappear in half an hour (unshared). It is quite disproportionate the simple anticipatory pleasure that this activity provides and how good those 3 squares taste.  It must be remembered though that the probability of addiction looms large to judge by the great consternation and bitter recriminations that would ensue should I forget to replenish our supply.


  1. Self Control? I think I was born without any! With me, its all or nothing! I don't seem to be able to have just a little now and then! I eat that first bite and I turn into a raging lunatic until the last morsel is gone!

    My wife and I are trying to lose some weight (especially since my uniform pants will barely fasten anymore!) and are struggling with the evening snacking problem! We decided to do our best not to buy any so it won't be available to us!

    It isn't working too well! :)

  2. I love this as my parents used to do the same thing! The only difference was they had Galaxy as Cadbury's wasn't available where they had retired to - Cyprus!

    I must be one of those very strange people to whom chocolate is neither here not there. If I don't see it it doesn't bother me and I can and do walk straight past it in the grocery aisle. I have the same attitude towards ice cream although my family doesn't!!

  3. Actually, I am not an addict either. Went to a posh hotel for 'Afternoon Tea' with a friend: all the desserts were chocolate! Could only eat a teaspoon or two.

  4. I think those desserts look better than they taste!! But many will disagree because boy, do I know some chocoholics!!