Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Teenage Tastes

I am trying to stop worrying about my teenage son’s addiction to junk food. No matter how easy I make it for him to warm up stuff like spaghetti bolognaise or plates of dinner when we go away, he sticks to cheese and ham, pizzas or toasted sandwiches or pancakes if he is forced to eat at home.  If he has money, then it is always a large McDonald’s no. 1 or more pizzas which he gets half-price where he works. What about cholesterol, I whine? Oh, he can take it because he is young and active, scoffs he. He doesn’t eat breakfast. My elder son however, reminded me that he was exactly the same at 18, even to the extent of doing pizza deliveries to earn just enough money to get himself to night clubs and pay his petrol. That was until he took a cholesterol test, aged 20, and got a shock. He changed overnight and today (ten years on) is not only an accomplished cook, but is almost painfully health conscious, to the point where he only buys ‘organic’ foods where possible. I suppose he can afford to. Meanwhile, I worry about No.2 son, who complains that healthy food is so expensive and a schlep to prepare.


  1. All we can do is keep offering good food and (very) gently reminding them. Teenagers are difficult to live around sometimes! I'm so glad mine are grown and healthy. Good luck with it!

  2. I do know teenagers and bad eating habits. Age does help them to eat better!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, but I would quite happily post to RSA. I lived in Pretoria for two years many moons ago and had the time of my life there, I've never forgotten it. The view from your balcony is stunning!

  4. I was a junk food junkie when I was a teen as well. My thing was potato chips and french onion dip. I can remember eating that for breakfast many times. 6 years later when I found myself single again after my divorce from my first wife, I cooked a lot for myself, even making casseroles and vegetables! I had a teenage roommate that would come in and beg me to cook for him but since we were not on the best terms, I left him to his frozen pizzas! :)

    Now, I detest fast food restaurants and very much enjoy a good healthy meal! Don't worry, he'll survive and you'll be amazed some day to see him voluntarily eating something green and good for him! :)