Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Don't Talk to Strangers

I always enjoy talking to strangers because you can love ‘em and leave ‘em, so to speak and they are often a mine of interesting information. Thus it was that I struck up a conversation with a darkish-hued gentleman while waiting for my car to have new tyres fitted. I commented that he looked very relaxed, stretched out in the comfy old leather armchair, thoughtfully provided by our friendly neighbourhood car tyre place. He was half asleep, he admitted, having been out partying until 4.00 a.m., entertaining customers from Jo-burg. Without further prompting, he proceeded to tell me with some relish about their evening at the House of Rasputin, (?), apparently a well-known spot on the outskirts of Cape Town. He must have enjoyed the look on my face (images of various nasty forms of sado-masochism sprang to my mind for some reason) as he went on to declare that there had been a number of Bulgarian and other Eastern European ladies provided for their table and lap-dances and pole dancing had been on the menu. He probably thought I was shocked and disapproving (I certainly was!) and it was all I could do to refrain from asking whether he and his companions were married and if anyone had their wives with them. Probably would have been a silly question and anyway, not my business to judge what may have been just a bit of fun. Thank goodness my car was declared ready at that point and I was able to make my exit: astonishingly, he asked me what I was doing for the rest of the day (surely, just another bit of fun!). I was very very busy, I assured him! Had I had more presence of mind, I should have said that I was off to visit my grandson!


  1. Sounds like you had quite the entertaining wait for your car!

    One day at the hotel I work for, a man called the desk and got our assistant manager. He informed her that he was part of the Chip-N-Dales, a male stripper group, and was expecting to be in our area for a performance of some sort. He was trying to haggle a better price out of her and told her that if she could come down to what he was asking, he would make sure all of the girls got an autographed calendar of the group. She informed him that her husband, a minister at a local church, would not approve very well and she was not going to budge any further on the price! He hung up and we never heard from him again! She said there was a shocked silence when he learned she was a pastor's wife!