Thursday, 27 January 2011

Extraordinary Wedding

We went to a wedding recently. The modern church was enormous and full as the whole congregation had been invited for the service.  The bride looked breath-takingly lovely and very elegant as she stood next to her tall young man (6’ she and 6’4” - he !) In fact, we couldn’t see the tiny minister at all as he stood in front of them. Fortunately, the microphones were very efficient.  Imagine our surprise when at the beginning of his address he told us that this would be the first time that the bride and groom had ever kissed!  Both very religious and high-principled and both in their late twenties, it was almost a miracle that in this day and age they had managed to find each. Perhaps it was in their stars. Still, most of us wondered what if she didn’t like the way he kissed? Actually, most of their courtship proved to be on the Internet, although they had already met in real life in church  and so knew there were minimal risks involved in getting to know each other that way.  One retrospectively funny moment was at the beginning of the groom’s speech: my husband’s one hearing aid battery had just run out and the groom began:
         “I’d just like to ask which of you is “On Face Book”?  My husband heard, “Which of you is UnFaithFul?”  and was thus extremely surprised when most of the youngsters in the room raised their hands. In the light of what we now knew about the couple, my husband thought we were being quizzed about whether we, the guests, had been unfaithful to the church?

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