Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Week of Procreation

April 2nd..... 2008 Catching up...

No blogging for a few days! Am now getting withdrawal symptoms – lots to catch up on. First things first: we are now the proud grandparents of a tiny, doll-like baby boy, who arrived on schedule after a 12-hour labour, (with a little help from an induction because his mommy’s blood pressure was climbing) on the evening of March 26th! But hey, labour wards aren’t what they used to be since the advent of the epidural. I was too scared of them in my day – and so were a lot of others, going by the screams and curses that issued from the rather packed ward at the Jo’burg Gen. 25 years ago. Now everything is so high-tech in a private hospital that the wards are silent! I could hear nothing even though I was standing right outside the door! Anyway, I am hoping to post a ‘real’ photo of our little angel – as soon as I can find one that is in focus, as the proud daddy, not having held a tiny baby before felt it incumbent on himself to jiggle the newborn up and down most of the time. (No-one else allowed to hold him just after the birth – we were privileged to be allowed in). On quite another level, I am equally proud of a seed I have managed to grow. I harvested several hundred little black seeds from my agapanthus a couple of weeks ago and have been zealously keeping them warm and wet and in the dark until – success! Exactly one has germinated and now has four tiny leaves. How about that!

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