Thursday, 9 December 2010

Washed Lottery Ticket, Part II

This story wasn’t quite finished when I told it before. You see while the ticket did lie in the machine all night on ‘Soak’, it was not actually swirled around but was still in one piece when I took it out. The reason that I feel honour bound to report this is that on the SAME DAY ! I watched a bit of a comedy family sitcom on BBC Prime, and lo and behold the wife was desperately trying to iron out soggy pieces of a washed lottery ticket with a rolling pin! How much of a coincidence is that? I thought it was now my destiny to have a last go at trying to make out some of the numbers as I squinted up at the ticket in the bright sunlight I thought I could make out three winning numbers from the indentations on the ticket. The bar code though seemed to be completely washed out so I didn’t hold out much hope, but took the ticket to our local Spar where the young lady with youthfully sharp eyes managed to decipher the 35 numbers one of which appears directly above each line of the bar code. I couldn’t see them at all myself. After a few attempts and false starts, the machine suddenly accepted the ticket. My husband won R7 on the Lotto Plus. and A lot of fuss for very little money, you might say, but you never know - I might have helped someone win a few million one day. Of course, you do need an unusually helpful staff member at the till.


  1. That's Great! You are very lucky to have found someone to go to that much trouble for you! Around here, I would have been laughed out the door for something like that!

  2. Well, of course, we didn't know in advance, it would be such an insignificant win. It was certainly the thought that counted!