Sunday, 5 December 2010

True Love

We had our 30th Anniversary last week and it passed fairly uneventfully except for a bunch of flowers so massive I had to go out and buy a new vase for them. People often ask how come one manages to maintain the love in a long relationship and I am often at a loss to really explain, other than to recommend that you take your time getting to know yourself before you choose a partner, but this may serve as an illustration. My husband came home after a really dreadful day at work yesterday and to cheer himself up, he decided to get going on giving our entertainment room a much-needed coat of paint. So I helped as far as I could, clearing stuff off the walls and out of the way etc. and we passed a companionable two hours before the sun finally set. I quickly made supper and had been looking forward to my oven chips, which I cook first in the microwave and then brown under the grill. The flat tin I put them on hasn’t been looking too healthy for a while, the teflon stuff has been coming off a bit - a consequence of putting chips on it under the grill at a very high temperature. I usually put a bit of tinfoil on top but was in a hurry and didn’t. Predictably, the rest of the teflon came off in little black bits stuck all over the chips. I was so cross with myself and the tin and almost my husband although he had nothing to do with it. Then while I sat moodily staring at my plate of steak and veg, he got up, went to the offending sight and spent 10 minutes picking every single black bit off about 25 chips and gave them to me, after which he settled down uncomplaining and ate his own food, gallantly refusing my offer to share.


  1. There really is no perfect recipe for true love is there? You really have to build it as you go, together! Of course it helps to find the perfect person to build it with though, doesn't it? I think most people make the mistake of expecting it to be perfect from the start, all the time. The bad times can build that love up just as much as the good times, if we just work through them together! There, that's the key, together, you have to be in it together for it to work! Which means being willing to pick the black off of the chips just to see a smile! :)

  2. Yep. I think you and I have got the recipe. Always needs work though