Monday, 6 December 2010

Throwing the Bones

I have just had the most embarrassing experience. Whilst at the till at our local supermarket, rummaging in my bag for the plastic shopping bags I had actually remembered to bring with me for a change (they don't give them free any more), I found a clump of them wrapped up together or so I thought but when I tipped them out - two night’s ago’s old chicken bones spewed out in a greasy heap all over the conveyor belt! The look on the face of the cashier had to be seen to be believed. I was too busy gathering up the mess and hiding my face in shame to look at the expression of the shopper behind me. Now if I had only wanted to know my fate that morning and ‘thrown the bones’ African-style before I left home - this bad thing could have been avoided.


  1. Those are the moments we remember forever! Why is it that we can't seem to remember the times we do something smart, like a witty comeback, or cleverly solving a dilemma for someone. No, we have to remember every dumb and embarrassing thing we do! I still cringe when I think of stupid things I did as a kid. One time I thought I had figured out a girl's name that I was panting after. I spent two weeks calling her by the wrong name until finally she scornfully set me straight!

    On the other hand, they make the best stories to tell, as long as we are willing to laugh at ourselves! :)

  2. Yep. At least we feel better about ourselves, when we see what idiots other people can be!

  3. I certainly got a good laugh out of this. I'm sorry it was at your expense!