Monday, 13 December 2010


23rd March, 2008... catch up blog

I am horribly busy this week, cleaning up after the latest blasts from the South-Easter (wind) and also our builders, because we have visitors over Easter and possibly into the middle of next week when my first grandson is due to arrive! I am really cross with my husband for settling on this inconvenient date for family to come and fish, much though I love them all. It’s just that I have been so excited about this coming baby and don’t want to miss any second of the ‘birth’ process. I told my husband in no uncertain terms that there will be big trouble if I am not the first person to lay hands on that baby after the medical people and its mother and father. If I have not even arrived at the hospital before the other granny, because my husband is out on the open sea, there will be hell to pay! We shall be out of town, you see, at our holiday house. My husband thinks that I am both nuts and entirely unreasonable as we shall only be an hour away (more if he is on the sea!) He just doesn’t understand about the capriciousness of babies! This one could easily pop out after a couple of minor pains if my mother-in-law’s birthing history is anything to go by. There’s just no telling. I can hardly wait…

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