Thursday, 2 December 2010


..... 6th March, 2008

This topic is again on the charts because Oprah had a forum of the ‘other women’ on her show the other day. My best friends and I were discussing aspects of the topic at a coffee shop while we rested from the exertions of filling our shopping trolleys. Agreeing that Oprah’s guests seemed mostly to come from social circles of the rather exotically wealthy who live in a different world anyway, we nonetheless came to a conclusion based on the experiences of ordinary people we had known. If you are in a long, stable relationship and you have children and a life together and you made a mistake – one night stand after a few drinks for example – just keep it to yourself. Carry the burden of guilt on your own. It is the most selfish thing in the world to confess it to your partner so that you feel better and the other’s trust is destroyed. (Of course, these days, you need to get an AIDS test as well.)

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