Friday, 17 December 2010

A Chapter of Accidents

Oh dear, my facility for putting pics onto blog seems to have disappeared!
Last week my son was a front-seat passenger in an accident in which his friend (who had passed his test two weeks previously) decided to put foot when faced with an orange robot – as did the guy coming the other way who wanted to turn to the right. So they connected, the front of the bakkie going into the side of the turning car. No-one hurt but it was enough to teach a serious lesson. My husband thinks the bakkie is a write-off. My son has grazes from his seat belt and a bit of a sore neck. His friend is OK too. Over Easter, my youngest brother-in-law, one of our visitors tried to persuade my husband that he should get himself a quad bike. “Not likely”, said my husband, “those things are dangerous, if you fall off they invariably fall on top of you – all 280 kilos.” Guess what – my brother-in-law was out with his 15-year-old son on Sunday, each on their own bike and my brother-in-law misjudged a turn, the bike fell on top on him resulting in him losing consciousness and almost breaking his hip. His son was distraught as he couldn’t move the machine off his dad, who was rescued by passers-by. He spent a night in hospital and now has a chipped hip which is very painful. Let’s hope everyone learnt a lesson.

Sorry, I seem to have an illness on my pc. Can't post comments to anyone at the moment. So putting them here

Went to read your post re toilets etc., David. Hilarious! Brilliantly written.

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  1. Be sure your son's neck is checked out. That kind of injury can cause years of discomfort, as I can attest. I hope all is well.

    I didn't know what a bakkie was, so I looked it up and learned something new today! See, even old dogs can learn!