Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bad Karma

My son has been instructed to employ I.T. technicians who live and work in India. He has had to interview them over the phone and is in charge of the work they produce. His company is based in London and as is the current trend, they have been tempted to outsource work to India because it is cheaper. Much cheaper. My son tells me that to employ such a person in London would cost £800 per day. The Indian rate is the equivalent of £100. The only snag is he is finding that they only produce one eighth of the work of which a fair amount is later discovered not actually to have been done at all. The explanation for this seems to be that it is considered to induce bad karma if you tell your boss you have not actually done part of the work allotted to you. You must try not to upset anyone: if you do you will not be reincarnated to a higher caste one day. My feeling is that there must be a fairly large number of employees everywhere who, while not belonging to this particular school of thought, have much the same attitude. Avoid unpleasantness for as long as you can, even if you know you will eventually be found out and that the consequences will be much worse then. Before you can say Jack Robinson –the enterprising Indian technicians have already left and are living and working in London. But who am I to talk? I will do anything to avoid confrontation.

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  1. Wow! I wonder if the current trend to outsource to India will change once it's discovered the work isn't getting done at the lower price. I hope so.