Monday, 20 December 2010

Aircon at Home

Those of you who spend your days in air-conditioned offices, please spare a thought for those of us roasting at home in unseasonably high temperatures. Having largely wasted three months expiring on the couch every afternoon, having done nothing much in the mornings, and in the light of global warming continuing, my husband finally consented to install 3 air conditioners in our house for me. My son found himself seconded as installation assistant, and apart from the fact that he jammed up my new vacuum cleaner’s filters with building dust in the cleaning up process (I only discovered this when it blew a large dead cockroach halfway across the room instead of sucking it up!), he did a pretty good job of helping his dad and in becoming a marginally more useful member of society. There are many advantages to our new ‘cool’ situation: my mood and productivity levels have improved enormously, we sleep better for cooling the bedroom down - can’t have it on all night though - hubbie complains of a ‘dry throat’ so I still get to spend nights in the TV room. But best of all – my daughter is visiting every afternoon with her grandson! I promise I will save electricity some other way. Actually, we were told that to run one of our units all day takes the same amount of electricity as boiling two kettles….I’ll make a flask!

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  1. When we bought our house it was the first place we had lived that had central air conditioning. Within a couple months I was so addicted to it that I told my wife "If the car and the air conditioner break down at the same time, we may have to walk for a while because I'll fix the air first!" Fortunately that hasn't happened yet! I sure am spoiled though! :)