Friday, 12 November 2010

Wedding Present Heist

....Catch up, Sunday April 17th 2008

My big son phoned from London yesterday, looking for some sympathy as he went over a pothole on his scooter and is now having physio for his back, as well as for his knees and ankles – a result of his devotion to touch rugby. The penalties of extreme sport, in my view. You are just getting old, I joked. He is 28 now. Then he told me that he and his new wife were looking out of their top-floor window (their flat is on the third floor) waiting for the delivery of their wedding presents which many people had ordered from SA and England on the Internet from the London store, John Lewis. They were just in time to see the van arrive and then to their dismay, the door of the ground floor flat opened and after some consultation and signing, all number of large boxes disappeared inside! They ran down the stairs to find that the delivery guys preparing to depart. The lady told them SHE was Mrs M, they said, and the parcels were hers!!!!!! My son and his wife couldn’t believe it. This person is actually a teacher. Can she also be a kleptomaniac and slightly touched as well? I suppose so. She made a great fuss as they removed their parcels, clearly marked with their name and address. The first really annoying thing is that my son decided he can’t take this any further as there are three flats in their communal building and he has to collect various communal levies and insurance payments from the owners of the other two on a regular basis, so he has to keep the peace. The second thing is that John Lewis only delivered half the presents as they didn’t have stock of everything. They will have to post a permanent guard until these arrive.

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