Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Teenage Boys

I received a surprise ‘bonsela’ (free gift) the other day in the form of a water melon because I purchased more than R100 fruit and veg at our local Fruit ‘n Veg. I don’t usually buy a water melon for our small family although we do like them, as they are too big and also heavy for me to carry. This one weighed about 10 kilos, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. So having lugged it home I asked my son to take it over the road to our good neighbour, M, (as my husband was away) and ask him to cut it into thirds, some for him, some for us, and some for our other good neighbours next door to him. The last I saw of it was my son handing it over at their front door before dashing off with his surfboard to a waiting car full of friends. Two days later I asked my son what had happened to our share? “You never said anything about cutting it up,” he declared, but I could see a grin of recognition spread over his face. So I can guess what happened. Not wishing to miss his lift to the beach, my verbal instruction would have been shortened to:

“My mom said here’s a water melon for you.” Score one out of three: obviously the other family didn’t get their share either.

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